1. Do I need a Physical?      Yes, all student athletes are required to have a physical.   Physicals are good for 1 calendar year and cover any sports you may play in fall, winter and spring.  It is highly recommended that you get a physical soon after the current school year ends.  Most insurance companies allow 1 physical per year.   So if you wait till the last minute to get your freshman physical you will struggle scheduling physicals the next 3 years and most likely have to go outside of insurance to get your physical done in time.

2. When does the season start?   OHSAA fall sports officially start August 1.  Coaches only have a limited # of contact days prior to August, but conditioning and captain's practices will occur throughout summer.  Once OHSAA gives the schools/coaches further direction on Covid-19, these schedules will be published.

​3.  How will my daughter or son be contacted after we sign up?   A lot of the communication between players is done with texting.  The boosters handle a lot of communication via email to both parents and players.  You will start receiving general information emails from Kathy Johnson(VP boys) and Jeff Moshier (VP girls).  Your contact information will also be sent to the coaches.  They may contact you or have one of the captains contact you.

4. So if my daughter or son has to miss a practice are Kathy and Jeff their primary contact?  No.  The boosters only get involved in general soccer information.  Examples include fundraising, team dinners, spirit wear, general info, picnic etc.  The day to day details of practice and games are 100% between player and coach.

5. What forms do I need?  If you go to the forms tab you will find all the forms that you need.  There are (4) school forms: physical, OHSAA, concussion and Lindsey Law.  All 4 of these are on one .pdf.  After completion they need to go directly to the school office not the coaches or boosters.  There is also a booster membership form.  And lastly there is a uniform agreement that needs to be completed prior to receiving a uniform.

6. I have heard about "all sports" boosters.  How is that different from soccer boosters (Falcon Soccer Association)?  Historically every sport at Firestone has had their own booster organization.  Given the financial conditions of most schools,  the Athletic Department has a limited budget to distribute to each sport.  As described on the home page the boosters provide uniforms, game socks,  subsidized tournaments/camps, goalie training/gear, banquet, field maintenance, coaches apparel etc  in an attempt to provide an enjoyable team experience to anyone interested in soccer.  The all sports boosters is a relatively new organization focusing on larger projects that may impact multiple sports.  Examples of their projects include weight room upgrades, auxillary gym updates, baseball dugouts, and  field maintenance.  These are two separate organizations that mutually support each other.

7.  Is it mandatory to join soccer boosters?  No.  Although we would love to have 100% membership we also understand that that may not be possible for some families.  That doesn't mean you shouldn't be involved in the boosters in fact just the opposite.  If you can't contribute financially maybe you can contribute through other means.  A great example would involve raffle ticket sales that every player is required to participate in.  Instead of selling the mandatory 20 tickets, take the time to sell 50 tickets.  That's just one example of how you can make an impact.

8.  How do the boosters fund raise?  There are 3 primary ways the boosters collect money: membership dues, raffle ticket sale, and one major fundraiser.  Examples of fundraisers we have had over the last several years are silent auction, golf outing, and night at the races. 

9. Where are games played?  Home games are played at the Copley Rd Soccer complex.  Vans will provide after school transportation to Copley Rd for anyone requiring transportation.  However there is no return transportation for home games.  All team members will ride the bus for away games, leaving from Firestone and returning back to Firestone.  Players need to arrange for transportation from the high school.  As a rule no one can leave directly from the away game location.

10.  How are uniforms handled?  All varsity and jv players will receive a uniform that must be returned at the end of the season.  In order to receive a uniform you must either join the boosters (part of membership is uniform deposit) OR pay a $40 uniform deposit.  In either case a uniform agreement must be signed by player and parent which states you agree to take proper care of the uniform and return it at the end of season.  We do not buy uniforms every year so it is critical that everyone takes care of their uniform.  You will also receive game socks and (1) practice jersey that you will keep.

11.  What are team dinners?  Every week during the season a host family(s) will have the team to their house for a team dinner.  Historically the girls did Sunday nights and the boys Friday nights.  There will be signups once the season gets started and are normally prioritized with Seniors given 1st chance.

12.  Is there a way to purchase Firestone soccer apparel?  There is an opportunity to purchase spirit wear one time during the season.  There will be order forms on the website once the 2020 logo is designed.  Typically there are tshirts, hoodies, sweat suits, hats etc.  The deadline for orders will be early August.  More details will follow.

13.  How do I pay dues?  The boosters have an online store where you can pay membership dues, buy spirit wear etc with a credit card.  The link to the store is on the booster tab.  Of course payments can made by check to our treasurer Amy Reichlin.

​Due to Covid-19 our annual player/parent/coach meeting cannot happen.  Below are typical questions that come up during the meeting.  Some of this may change this year due to Covid, but this is how a typical season would play out.  Below is generalized information.  The girls and boys coaches will each have specific rules for their own team.  Please also refer to the girls coaches handbook for detailed information that Coach Amy has outlined for the womens program.

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